Book 5: Annabel


Author: Kathleen Winter

Nationality: born in the UK, based in Canada

Pages: 461


The Scotia Giller Prize (2010), finalist

The Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize (2010), finalist

The Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction (2010), finalist

Orange Prize for Fiction (2011), finalist

Thomas Head Raddall Award (2010), winner

Blurbs by: Joseph O’Connor and A.L. Kennedy


In a distant by-the-sea town, a child was born, neither completely a boy nor completely a girl. The child was both, gifted with two genders. No one knows this secret except the parents – father Treadway and mother Jacinta, and the midwife Thomasina. His father raised him as a boy named Wayne. While her mother, with Thomasina, nurtured, though quietly, her female side, which she calls Annabel. When this child grew up and left the sea town and moved to a city where no one knew either Wayne or Annabel, this person was given the liberty to tackle his/her dual identity.

This fantastic debut novel urges us to ask ourselves who we are, and also, who we really are inside as a function of the people around us.


This book though, as any other book, is not flawless. There are some issues on intersexuality that are very nicely discussed in this review.

Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian