Book 4: Evening is the Whole Day


Author: Preeta Samarasan

Nationality: Malaysian

Pages: 340

Awards:  Commonwealth Writers Prize for the Best First Book Award, nominated (2009); longlisted, Orange Prize for Fiction; winner, Hopwood Novel Award

Blurbs by: Ali Smith, Tash Aw, Peter Ho Davies


Set in Malaysia, this spellbinding novel is the story of the wealthy Malaysian Indian Rajasekharan family and its dark secrets which are one by one unraveled as the novel progresses. A servant girl was dismissed – her crimes unknown. What did Chellam do to cause her banishment? This mystery, among many others, made this novel engrossing and very rich.

Samarasan’s clever inventive use of Tamil lexicon (untranslated) and Bahasa Melayu grammar in the novel reminds us of the writings of Zimbabwean author NoViolet Bulawayo, who in We Need New Names, wrote African words, un-italicized.

Read a review here: Lotus Reads


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