Book 3: The Quantity Theory of Insanity


Author: Will Self

Nationality: British

Pages: 224

Awards: Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize, 1993

Blurbs by: Martin Amis


Some say the stories of Will Self are hit or miss. That is, some of his stories are really ‘ridiculously’ good, and there are some which are not worthy of one’s time. Many greats praises his writing, including Salman Rushdie and Nobel winner Doris Lessing. His 2012 novel Umbrella was nominated for the Booker prize. Yet, go to Goodreads and you’ll see readers bashing his work, dismissing his satirical fiction as unfunny.

In 1991, the publication of this collection of short stories brought Self to fame. Loosely connected, the stories offer a glimpse of the bizarre lives of the characters that peopled the stories and give us heaps of really good sentences.


Read a review here: Partial Magic




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